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I was raised with beagles!  My maternal grandparents lived in the country and owned a beagle kennel.  My grandfather was one of the founding members of the Garden State Beagle Club so I spent many weekends observing field trials from horseback. His club continues to exist and run field trials to this day.

When I was 12 years old I met a couple who bred conformation dachshunds, smooth black and tan.  I decided to purchase a puppy from one of their litters.  A friend of my mothers showed conformation whippets.  She offered to take me to shows on the weekends with my lovely female dachshund.


What a great experience for a child.  I had a wonderful mentor and a bitch with a great pedigree.  She was Best Puppy in Match at the very first match show I entered.  As a teenager, if I wasn’t at a horse show I was at a dog show. Read more...

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